Thinking about cutting costs by growing vegetables

It all started in a grocery store holding a plastic container full of lettuce

Yep.  Back around the beginning of June, I found myself in a grocery store holding yet another 16 oz container of ready-to-eat lettuce.  The going rate for that item is $5+/lb.  For some reason, it finally came to me that's about the same price as a pound of ground beef - and I tend to think of meat as the expensive stuff! 

Wading into eCommerce: Testing out Drupal and Shopify

ecommerce is a horror showThis search for a 'simple' way to sell a product from my website has become like watching a horror flick.  You know something gruesome is coming but you just can't bring yourself to stop watching or to look away.  Know what I mean?  If I didn't really need this capability, I probably would have dropped all of this craziness several paragraphs ago.  Well ....

Wading into eCommerce: shopping for a 'simple' buy button

buy buttonIn the last post, I discovered that my first choice, Etsy, may not be ideal for my ecommerce needs and decided to explore my other options before settling on that as my solution.  One of those other options turned out to be my own website!  A pleasant surprise. So that's my next avenue to investigate.